A Homemade Staycation

A Homemade Staycation

A Homemade Staycation

Some families are able to venture out, but others are still sticking close to home. If you're planning a staycation for Spring Break, we've got some ideas for you!

1 \ Take a day to pretend you're jetting off to your dream destination! Use our "Future Is Bright" printable to let every day draw their dream vacation.

2 \ Dress the part! Have everyone pull out their attire to match the destination. Pretending to go to the beach? Wear your board shorts! Pretending to explore a rainy city? Grab your wellies and umbrella!

3 \ The food is the yummiest part! Cook up or order take-out that coordinates with your dream destination. 

4 \ Choose a game or activity that goes with your locale. If you're "on a cruise", try shuffleboard! If you're "in the mountains", "sled" down the stairs (safely!).

5 \ Pick a movie that goes with your destination. Cuddle up and enjoy the scenery!

Be sure to tag us as you #gowanderwild and enjoy your staycation for a chance to be featured.

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