Activities for Thanksgiving Break

Activities for Thanksgiving Break

Activities for Thanksgiving Break

Making new memories together is what we cherish during our Thanksgiving break. Here are our ideas for safe, family-fun activities we can all enjoy!

Play outdoor games – If the weather is mild and the sun is out, get the kids out in the yard for some fun outdoor games like capture the flag, freeze tag or ring toss! Here is a link on how to make a ring toss game fall-inspired.

Build a living room fort – Get creative and build a fort with the kids. You can use blankets, pillows, boxes, lights and more! This is a fun family activity for imaginative play and a little relaxation. You can nap together, read together and just relax together in your fort. Here are some awesome fort ideas!

Movie night marathon – Pick a theme or pick some of your favorite movies and have a movie night marathon! Have everyone get in their PJs early, grab their blankets, and pop some popcorn. Here are some great ideas on how to throw the ultimate at home movie night with the kids.

Bake some yummy treats – You might already be baking in preparation for your Thanksgiving meal but here is a treat the kids are sure to love – apple cider cookies! Bake these, warm up some actual cider and sit by the fire.

Decorate a little early for Christmas – If you haven’t already put up your tree, do it a little earlier this year to get everyone in the Christmas spirit! Pull out those decorations, turn on the Christmas tunes and make it a family affair. Here are some fun Christmas craft ideas the kids can make this year.

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