Celebrating Earth Day From Home

Celebrating Earth Day From Home

Celebrating Earth Day From Home

By: Morgan Schoenrock

With Earth Day quickly approaching many of us are looking for ways to celebrate while staying safe at home. We've rounded up a few fun family activities we hope you'll enjoy!


Make a jug bird feeder.

Crafts are something the whole family can enjoy together.  A jug bird feeder is something most of us can make with supplies we already have at home.  Start by finding an empty juice or milk jug and cleaning it out with soap and water.  Then cut holes in the sides big enough that birds can get in, or land on the edge.  Lastly decorate! You can use paint, tape, beads, sequins or whatever you have at home to make your jug bird feeder one of a kind!  Fill it with birdseed and use string to hang it, watch as the neighborhood birds stop by for a treat.


Go on an earth day scavenger hunt.

Nature is all around us, sometimes we just aren’t looking close enough to appreciate it.  A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore nature in your own backyard or neighborhood.  Here is our Wanderwild Earth Day Scavenger Hunt the whole family can enjoy together!


Start your own garden.

For this activity you may have to order some seeds, but if your lucky you might have some in your kitchen.  To start you will need an egg carton, some potting soil, and some seeds.  First you will need to cut the lid off your egg carton, then let the kids fill each hole with a small scoop of soil.  Next put 1-2 seeds in each egg slot, then add another scoop of soil on top.  Water every few days, and leave in a sunny spot.  In a few weeks you will have little sprouts to add to your garden when the weather is warm enough! 


Make an earth day treat!

Every holiday deserves a tasty treat to enjoy together. These ‘Dirt Cups’ are bound to be a hit for the whole family!  You will need instant chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy critters.  Start with the instant pudding, then crumble Oreos on top, and finish with some yummy gummy worms!  


We hope these fun family activities inspire you to enjoy this Earth Day, even if the world is looking a little different.

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