Children's Books for Black History Month

Children's Books for Black History Month

Children's Books for Black History Month

When celebrating Black History Month, one of the most important things we can do as a family is read about important leaders in Black history, hear from Black voices, and read from Black authors.

We connected with our new friend, Stacy Hester-Lockett (@prostacylockett), about the importance of representation in what our families consume. "To know who you are and to be comfortable in your own skin; regardless of its color, is so important to me. As a mother of two black daughters; it’s imperative to educate them about not only their history; but about diversity and inclusion as well. They are both two different shades of brown and are learning to embrace their skin at an early age. My husband and I have purchased many resources online for our daughters about the success of Black Americans in History as well as our struggles for equality and freedom. I think it’s important for parents of all races to be honest with their children about diversity and inclusion and to educate them with as many resources as they can. We don’t hide from our girls what is happening in our society because they will one day be a part of it. Conversations should be held about racism and injustice; but also the strides we’ve made in overcoming it. To be able to share with my daughters that they too can become Vice President one day, and for them to see books with prominent minority figures and characters that look like them is so EMPOWERING! Not only will they share in the success of Black Americans; they will view America as a melting pot of ethnicities who all contribute to our nations identity." Stacy, we love this message!

Stacy Hester-Lockett family

Photo by Stacy Hester-Lockett

We've compiled a short list of suggested reading based on favorites of our team and friends. Do you have a favorite that's not on the list? Please comment below!

1 \ The ABC's of Black History. This book is a great introduction into the importance of celebrating Black history, especially for younger children.

2 \ Mae Among The Stars. Mae's story of becoming the first Black woman to travel into space is inspiring to all kids, especially those that love space exploration.

3 \ Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. This book covers the stories of forty trailblazing Black women in American history. Their stories of strength, bravery, and creativity are inspiring.

4 \ I Am Rosa Parks. Foundational to the Civil Rights movement, this book gives an easy to understand introduction to the story of Rosa Parks and her courage.

5 \ I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King's story is also central to the Civil Rights movement and foundational to Black History. This book is a great introduction to his work, life, and legacy.

6 \ Beautiful Girl, Do You Know? If you are looking for a faith-based book, this one is so sweet and written by our new friend Stacy Hester-Lockett. In her book she speaks to the hearts of little girls learning their worth with beautiful illustrations.

We're always so grateful to learn from and #gowanderwild with all of your families.

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