Election Day 2020 Guide For Families

Election Day 2020 Guide For Families

Election Day 2020 Guide For Families

Kids are SO perceptive, and as Election Day approaches we find ourselves trying to explain many aspects of democracy and voting. So to help, we decided to create a fun, interactive, free Election Day Guide. We hope this guide supports your families to have the conversation on why we vote, what we are voting for, and how voting is a privilege we all have as Americans.

Here’s a sneak peek into our Election Day Guide for 2020 and some suggestions for how to use it as a family:

We The Children Worksheet – This fun worksheet allows parents to discuss why voting is important to them and why it should be important to their child one day too. You can talk about the current issues at hand and ask your kids what they think matters most to them.  


Election Night Ballot – This family ballot lists the current presidential candidates running for office and gives a choice to write-in a candidate. Parents get the chance to talk about the candidates and explain why they may be voting for one or the other. Kids can feel like they are participating in the night’s events and allow their own voice to be heard (even if it is pretend).


Cast Your Vote Badges – This fun activity sheet allows them to print and cut out a badge to wear once they cast their vote on election night! Print it in color or black and white and have them decorate a badge on their own.

And The Winner Is Worksheet – This interactive worksheet helps teach kids how our voting system currently works as each state announces their winner. It is an opportunity to teach your older kids about the electoral college in our voting system and a fun coloring activity for the younger ones.

Election Night Vocabulary Matching – There are many words during election season that kids may hear but don’t quite understand. This activity worksheet allows parents to go over those words and definitions and helps kids match them up in a fun, educational way!

Word Search Worksheet – Once they have learned those words and definitions, you can test their skills with a word search. Election night words are scrambled together for an interactive game that is sure to keep them busy through the night and teach them some new vocabulary.

You can print out the entire guide or go print it out page by page! Either way, we hope you’ll #gowanderwild with us on Election Day. Click here to download our Election Day 2020 Guide for Families.

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