Getting Organized As A Family

Getting Organized As A Family

Getting Organized As A Family

Staying organized in small, manageable steps is an important practice that supports us being able to quickly get out the door and have fun! A few times a year we try to set aside some time to dig through our children’s things including their backpacks. And we're BIG believers that our kids should help us with these tasks. It's how they learn and build the skills themselves! Here are our tips on how to get a head start on getting organized.

1 \ Empty out your Wanderwild backpack and lunchbox – This is a great time to turn that backpack upside down and empty it out. Clean out the contents, wipe it down and replenish it with the necessities for their everyday life at school and activities.

2 \ Clear out their closet and drawers – Kids grow from one semester to the next! Take time to assess their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Look for what you can donate or hand down to younger friends.

3 \ Clean and sanitize toys – Have your child help you this task as their toys can be some of their most prized possessions. Go through all their toys, throw out old broken ones, donate ones not played with anymore and clean and sanitize the ones they want to keep.

4 \ De-clutter their desks – It’s always a good time to de-clutter your child’s desk or learning area. Organize their supplies in bins or storage boxes. Throw out loose papers and wipe down their desk, chair and electronics. Replenish any items that have had a lot of use (we love a fresh box of crayons!).

5 \ Make organizing fun – As you clean and organize, make it fun! Use colorful bins or find creative ways to store things. You can even use color combos for clothes, toys and books. Talk about their favorite memories of an article of clothing or toy. And blast your favorite playlist! We've always got you covered with Turtle Tunes.

Let’s #gowanderwild and get organized together! Be sure to share your family's favorite tip in the comments.

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