Printing Printables

Printing Printables

Printing Printables

Memorable experiences and meaningful traditions are at the heart of Wanderwild. Each season we offer printables to kick-start your family’s journey to getting creative and enjoying adventures together. Under the “Make Memories” tab on our website you will see free downloadable activities the whole family can enjoy all year long.

We receive questions periodically about the best way to print these PDF's. So say no more, we've got some suggestions for you!

Most of our printable are designed to be printed on standard 8.5"x11" paper. These are generally easy to print on a home printer.

For larger size printables, or if you want better quality color, or to laminate and use multiple times, a print service is a great option. Our local go-to is Office Depot. They us to send prints and instructions to their store email address and pick up/pay just a few hours later. So we'll send to them in the morning and then pick up while we're out running errands!

If you prefer having copies printed and shipped to your front door, you can also try UPS Store, Staples, and UPrinting

What's your favorite place to print? Any tips for other families? Comment below! Be sure to tag us as you #gowanderwild for a chance to be featured.

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