Sights on Spring Break!

Sights on Spring Break!

Sights on Spring Break!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely got our sights set on SPRING BREAK! Many of us have battled some pretty harsh winter weather this year and a little fun in the sun has us packing our bags already. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spring break ideas to help you get over the winter blues.

1 \ Road Trip To A National Park – Pack up the van and get out the roadmap! Take a little trip to a national park or national monument near you. Many parks and sights have free entrance.

2 \ Visit An Amusement Park – Whether it’s your local amusement park or you plan a bigger trip, take the family on an adventure full of laughter and fun!

3 \ Fly Somewhere New – Air travel has started to pickup this year and many are seeking trips to new destinations they’ve never visited before. Write down the cities you want to visit and randomly pick one for Spring Break.

4 \ Do A Staycation – Book a hotel near you and take the family on a little staycation. Many hotels and local resorts are family-friendly with pools and waterparks the whole family can enjoy!

5 \ Visit Local Spots – If you haven’t had a chance to visit some of your city or town’s local hotspots now is the time! Create a list of places to visit in the week and enjoy exploring them as a family.

Be sure to tag us as you pack off and set out on your adventures. We can’t wait to #gowanderwild with you on Spring Break!

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