12 Days Of Gifting: Cool Circuit

12 Days Of Gifting: Cool Circuit

12 Days Of Gifting: Cool Circuit

We're so excited to share our 12 Days of Gifting! Over the years we've loved seeing Wanderwild families use our backpacks as the "wrapping" for themed gifts. This year we've created 12 Wanderwild Gift Guides that are sure to bring smiles to kids' faces. Check out our guide for our Cool Circuit backpack - a cool blue-on-blue print for a techie enthusiast.

1 \ The Adventurer - Cool Circuit Backpack. We created this pack for our robot-loving, circuit-building, electronics-loving kiddos.

2 \ Skull Candy Cassette Headphones. These comfy over-ear speakers are a hit with our kids.

3 \ Awesome Science Experiments For Kids. The title says it all! A great collection of activities and learning for a budding scientist.

4 \ Inventor's Box. For the builder, the tinkerer, the thinker, this is a great gift.

5 \ Snap Circuits. This toy is not only fun for building but does a fantastic job of teaching about how circuits work. Fun and a science lesson!

6 \ Fuddlewuddle Dragon. We've got a secret..... our kids of all ages love Jelly Cat stuffed toys. They are sweet creature comforts that fit nicely in the side mesh pocket of our packs.


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