12 Days of Gifting: Wild Flower

12 Days of Gifting: Wild Flower

12 Days of Gifting: Wild Flower

We're so excited to share our 12 Days of Gifting! Over the years we've loved seeing Wanderwild families use our backpacks as the "wrapping" for themed gifts. This year we've created 12 Wanderwild Gift Guides that are sure to bring smiles to kids' faces!

We created a gift guide for our popular Wild Flower pack, perfect for the child with budding potential and a wild spirit.

1 \ The Explore - Wild Flower Backpack. The perfect pack for going from school to wide open spaces.

2 \ Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit. We love the whimsy and imagination of fairy gardens. This is a great introduction to planting and creating a sweet, nature space.

3 \ Crystal Flower Creative Kit. This craft is SO unique and the results look gorgeous!

4 \ Build and Bloom Gear Set. Our kids build with gears for hours and hours! There are endless creations to be made and we love this version with a floral twist.

5 \ Melissa & Doug Created By Me Flower Pillow. Kids can build their own super-cozy, bloom-shaped pillow.

6 \ We Are the Gardeners Picture Book. Follow along with the cherished Gaines family as they share how they learn and grow a successful garden.

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