Cowboys and Bandits Tag

Cowboys and Bandits Tag

Cowboys and Bandits Tag

This is a Wild West twist on the classic game of tag!

The person that is "it" is the cowboy, and the rest of the players are the "bandits". If you have a big enough group you can pick two cowboys.

First things first: demonstrate safe tagging (light touch on the shoulder or back). No pushing or tackling!

To start, have the "bandits" spread out in an open area. When the cowboy(s) yell, "yeee haw!", they start running after the bandits. If a bandit gets tagged, they "freeze" in place. Another bandit can "unfreeze" them by giving the frozen bandit a high five. Once the cowboy(s) have frozen all of the bandits, the game is over!

Play another round by rotating "cowboys" and "bandits". Have fun!

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