Let's Play Pretend - Come Sail Away

Let's Play Pretend - Come Sail Away

Let's Play Pretend - Come Sail Away

Pretend play is not only fun for all ages, but also a great learning tool! Check out these ideas to create your very own underwater adventure right at home.

Mermaid or Shark Dress Up

What kids don't love these fantastic sea creatures?! Check out these mermaid tails and shark fins for your littles to wear.

Sail Away As Pirates

Explore the open seas as a band of jolly pirates. Make eye patches out of yard and paper, create a pirate hat, and decorate your very own pirate ship. Enjoy a day of pretend with your first mates!

Find Underwater Sea Creatures

Order little pretend ocean creatures or create your own out of construction paper. Place them around the house, give your kids a snorkel mask or goggles, and send them on an undersea adventure!

Ahoy Sailor!

Make your own sailboats out of upcycle supplies at home. Items like reusable container lids, disposable cups, garden stakes, toothpicks, paper, and cloth make great supplies. Take your sailboats down to a creek, in the backyard pool or even in the bathtub to set sail all day long.

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