Week 2 - Building & Creating

Week 2 - Building & Creating

Week 2 - Building & Creating

Let’s go Under the Sea with these creative ways to build and explore the ocean right at home! Try out some of these fun ideas with your kids this week.

Create your own under water sea creatures.

For this creation you can use some simple shape blocks or create your own shapes from construction paper. Let your kids combine the shapes to make their very own sea creatures! Animals like octopuses, starfish, and fish of all shapes and sizes can be created with the simplest shapes.

Make an ocean sensory bin. 

For this activity you will need some water beads, blue ones make the perfect sensory water! These beads are a treat for your kids to make as well as play with, watching them go from tiny beads to large orbs overnight.  Once the beads are expanded put them in a bin, add some sea creatures and let your children explore their personal ocean!

Draw a life size sea creature. 

Research your kids favorite sea creatures together and find their measurements. Use a measuring tape and chalk to create these life size creatures together!  With a smaller driveway or sidewalk you can explore stingrays, starfish, or crabs.  If you have a larger street or driveway to work with you could create a shark, dolphin, or even whale!

Create a personal tide pool. 

For this creation you will need a small plastic kiddie pool, a bag of sand, and some sea creature toys. Dump your sand into the kiddie pool then add water; enough to create pools but not enough to fully submerge the sand.  Add the creatures and let your kids explore their very own tide pool.

Build sandcastles at home.

While the texture of a sandy beach is hard to recreate, Kinetic sand can be a great stand in!  Order a few bags and use beach toys to build your own sandcastles at home. This sand comes in a classic sand color to truly emulate the beach; or you can let your kids pick out their favorite color.  Either way they will have so much fun creating sandcastles right at home.

Any of these activities will have your little ones diving in to the underwater fun!

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