Let's Play Pretend - Born To Shine

Let's Play Pretend - Born To Shine

Let's Play Pretend - Born To Shine

Are your kids ready to shine? Check out these five pretend play ideas to help your family become super stars in your own home!

1 \ Throw Your Own Award Show! Little awards can be made with some spare toys, hot glue, and gold paint. Or use one of your old trophies in storage! Get dressed up and find a "stage" area in your home (the fireplace hearth or stairs work!) Come up with acknowledgements like "Best Singer" or "Best Hugger" in the family. Kids will love hearing what the family values in them!

2 \ Put On A Talent Show. Let your kids pick a talent and create a performance!  It could be singing, dancing, creating a skit together, telling jokes, anything your kids want to show off. Help them practice and then perform in a show for the family!

3 \ Make Up A Family Dance. This is something you'll all do together as a family! You can do the Macarena or Electric Slide, make up your own dance, or try TikToc! The kids will giggle seeing parents move and groove with them.

4 \ Make Your Own Movie. This is an absolute favorite with our kids! We teach them the art of storytelling. First, have them "storyboard" a simple story with 3 to 5 parts. Then, have them identify their "set" and "costumes". Then use your phone or table and let them record their movie! If they are older kids, they may enjoy trying their hand at editing using iMovie. When it's all done, host a movie premiere to watch their masterpiece!

5 \ Movie Character Charades. This is a fun take on this classic game. Write down your kids’ favorite movie characters names and put them in a box or bowl; use pictures for kids who can’t read yet.  Let each member of your family pull a character and describe/act it out, then the rest of the family can guess which character they are.  This game is sure to make the whole family laugh.

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