Week 4 - Building & Creating

Week 4 - Building & Creating

Week 4 - Building & Creating

Check out these ideas for building and creating that will help your little star shine bright!

1 \ Build A Stage. You can build a more permanent stage using pallets or other wood materials.  However, if you want to pull together a quick performance area you can lay down a large blanket, sheet, or carpet complete with microphones.  Set up chairs or seating in front of your stage and let each of your children perform a talent of their own, and be the star of the show! 

2 \ Create A Red Carpet. Let your kids walk a red carpet. Lay down a runway out of red sheets, paper, or even carpet. Help your kids get into their most star worthy outfits and have them strut their stuff down the red carpet! Cheer and take pictures to help them really feel like they are a star on the red carpet. 

3 \ Make Your Own Instrument. Anyone who has drummed away on a kitchen pot knows a great band set up can be created with items you already have at home. Pull together a pot drum set, use utensils for microphones or guitars! This is a loud activity but whose kids don’t love to make a ruckus?! Let them enjoy their new instrument set and fill your home with the sounds of rockstars.

4 \ Make Your Own Hollywood Star. Let your kids have an official star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Create custom Hollywood stars with paper or cardboard. Let your kids write their names and put their handprints on their stars. Then display them on your red carpet! 

5 \ Draw Life-Size Rock Stars. Use chalk to create driveway rockstars!  Have your kid lay down and trace their silhouette. After they have a base to work on let them dress up their silhouette. They can use the chalk to draw on instruments, rock star clothes, face makeup, and so much more! Your driveway will be full of creative superstars before you know it.

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