Let's Play Pretend - Into The Wild

Let's Play Pretend - Into The Wild

Let's Play Pretend - Into The Wild

It's time to get wild as a family! These pretend play ideas will help transform your home or backyard into a jungle ready to explore.

Safari Explorer

Let your kids become a wildlife seeker in their own "jungle"; a backyard or local park. To really help create a jungle atmosphere at home you can hang green streamers from doorways or fences and hide stuffed animals around the yard. Check out this link for kids safari gear to really get them into their expedition.


Have your kids create sanctuaries for their favorite stuffed animal friends. They can "care" for the animals with pretend food and water. Then they can take turns being the zookeeper or observer!

Animals on Parade

Dig into the dress-up bin and other items you already have for each kid to dress up as their favorite animal. Then have a "parade" where each kid gets to act out the sound and movements. 

Into the Jungle

Build an obstacle course inside or in the backyard using blankets, string, cones, pillows, and other items. The kids will have to jump, crawl, and navigate to the other side of the "jungle"!

Monkey Around

At snack time you can create a scavenger hunt, similar to hunting Easter eggs, where you hide bananas (or other goodies!) for the kids to find.

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