Week 3 - Building & Creating

Week 3 - Building & Creating

Week 3 - Building & Creating

Coconut Bowling

For this creation you'll need 10 empty plastic bottles. You can use whatever you have a surplus of in your family; water bottles, soda bottles, or creamer bottles all work great. Fill the 10 bottles with water and blue food coloring, or decorate them as palm trees for extra fun. Make sure you glue the lids on to avoid a big mess!  For your bowling ball find a coconut at your local grocery store.  This is a fun creation that will keep your kids busy playing all day!

Pool Noodle Vine Builders

Order a bunch of pool noodles and make your own set of vine builders, green is best. To start cut your pool noodles into varying sizes, think Lincoln Logs. After you have enough of the different sizes your kids can use them to build ‘vine’ creations! These larger than life building tools are will be a hit with all ages.

Create a Watering Hole

This is a simple creation that your kids will love playing with. All you need is a kiddie pool, sand, and assorted jungle animals. Start by pouring the sand around the inside perimeter of your pool, then add water in the middle; enough to create a pool but not cover the sand. Your children can then bring their animals to visit their very own watering hole! They will love playing with the animals in their new jungle location.

Build a Birds Nest

First you will need to send your kids on a mission to collect twigs, leaves, and other nest supplies; either in your back yard or at the park. Once they’ve got enough supplies send them into the back yard to build bird nests of their own design. Get really creative and decorate eggs to fill the nest! (You can use rocks if you don’t want to waste actual eggs).

Create an Animal Hop-Scotch Path

Use sidewalk chalk to create an animal hop-scotch path. Things like, hop like a bunny, chase like a cheetah, stomp like an elephant, swim like a fish, twirl like a bird. Your kids can help draw and then follow the path. It’ll get them moving and laughing seeing the different animal movements. 

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