Let's Play Pretend - Polar Blast

Let's Play Pretend - Polar Blast

Let's Play Pretend - Polar Blast

It's time to "chill out" and play pretend, Arctic style!

1 \ Polar Bear, Polar Bear. Grab the book (we know you have it!) and have your kids act out each animal. They'll have fun anticipating each animal and how it interacts with the others!

2 \ South Pole Explorer. Create a "South Pole" on your street or in your yard and the kids can act out their "race" to the South Pole. Be sure to drag out the explorer gear to really get the kids in character.

3 \ Indoor Cross Country Skiing. Give the kids some goggles, pillows under their feet, and poles (you can use wrapping paper tubes!). Then have the kids "ski" by gliding on the hardwood or tile floors. It's hilarious to watch them go round and round!

4 \ Create a Yeti. Use toilet paper and cotton balls for the kids to dress up as a yeti! The key is to cover themselves and then pretend to be a huge arctic monster.

5 \ Arctic Animals Ice Play. Take or create arctic animals like penguins and polar bears and create an ice-filled habitat. We use plastic bins or food containers and let the kids build their own idea of the icy environment.

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