Week 8 - Building & Creating

Week 8 - Building & Creating

Week 8 - Building & Creating

1 \ Build An Igloo. Using blocks or blankets, create a tent that kids can pretend is their own igloo. We've seen kids get really creative and attempt to achieve the curved top and entrance!  

2 \ Polar Diorama. There are so many opportunities for kids to make a fun polar landscape in blue and white colors. Use cellophane, cotton balls, blue and white paper, and packing peanuts. Kids can draw and cut out little arctic animals to put in the landscape.

3 \ Iceberg Obstacle Course. Use pillows spaced out around the ground or floor to create a path where you have to hop from "ice berg" to "ice berg" to get from one end to the other.   

4 \ Create a Winter Den. This activity combines building, geometry, and pretend play. Spread marshmallows and toothpicks in the middle of the table and have kids design and build structures for small stuffed animals.

5 \ Build Your Own Sled. Kids can create their own sled to pretend they are gliding across the snow! We've done this using everything from pillows to skateboards. Some for single riders, some for double. And sometimes they see if the family dog can pull them!

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