Let's Play Pretend - Team Wanderwild

Let's Play Pretend - Team Wanderwild

Let's Play Pretend - Team Wanderwild

We're big fans of playing pretend! Your kiddos can enjoy their shining moment playing pretend with a sports theme. 

1 \ Championship Parade. Create all the excitement and celebration of a championship parade right from your home. Kids can pretend they just won the Super Bowl or World Series. Build floats on pillows or out of cardboard boxes and create a parade route around the house. Then wave your team's flags or t-shirts and cheer each other on!

2 \ Sports Announcer. Kids can put on a jacket, grab a microphone, and pretend to announce for their favorite sports team! They can talk about their favorite players, the best plays, and of course yell, "they win!". For extra fun, record them on your phone so they can play it back.

3 \ Olympic Dreams. This is a fun way to play pretend with a global view. Have kids do an opening ceremony, representing a country. Then kids can pick their favorite event to compete. When they are done with their event, host a simple and sweet award ceremony!

4 \ Professional Wrestler. Pull out the super hero dress-up clothes and create a name for yourself! It's fun to be silly, show off a wrestler persona, and (safely!) pretend to wrestle in a ring made out of pillows.

5 \ The Winning Shot. Grab a trashcan and a paper ball (or small ball) and take that winning shot! Take turns trying, and when you make it, be sure the crowd goes wild!

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