Week 5 - Building & Creating

Week 5 - Building & Creating

Week 5 - Building & Creating

Explore these five Building and Creating ideas that are sure to inspire hours of fun.

1 \ Create a Window Solar System. Cut out circles of various sizes out of paper, whatever kind you have around your home.  Let your children decorate them with whatever supplies you have; markers, paint, glue and paper.  Poke holes in the top of your planets and let your children organize their own solar system to hang in their windows.

2 \ Build Edible Constellations. For this activity you will need stick pretzels and mini marshmallows.  Look up constellations and print them out (maybe create a printable) then see if your kids car recreate them.  The marshmallows are the stars and the pretzel sticks connect them!  After they are done creating let them snack on their yummy constellations.

3 \ Build a Straw Rocket Launcher. To make your own rocket ready to take off you will need construction paper for the rocket, and a straw for the launcher. Have your kids decorate a sheet of construction paper then roll up in the shape of a cylinder and secure with tape or glue. Top the cylinder off with a cone shape for the top of the rocket, again securing with tape or glue. If your kids are feeling extra creative you can put fins on the cylinder to decorate even further. To launch put the straw into the open end of the cylinder and blow! Rockets will be filling the air in no time.

4 \ Create a Space Sensory Bin. Sensory bins always keep kids entertained for a long time. Something about feeling the new textures and finding the toys is so fun for kids. For this space themed bin you will need black dried beans, a bin, and a mix of space themed toys. Things like rocket ships, mini astronauts, and bouncy balls for stars are perfect for this bin. If you’re extra brave you can add glitter to really give that galaxy vibe, but beware that can get messy.

5 \ Build a Balloon Rocket String Path. For this activity you will need a pack of balloons, a piece of straw, and some string. Decide where you want your balloon rocket to start and tape the end of the string there. The other end will need to stay unsecured so you can string your rocket on. Blow up a balloon, do not knot it, tape a small piece of straw to the top of the balloon then put the string through the straw; all while pinching the balloon, keeping it inflated. Bring the balloon to the secured start of the string path, then have someone gold the lose end where you’d like the path to end. Let go of the balloon, letting the air out and shooting the rocket balloon down its path! Your kids will want to do this over and over all day long.

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