A "Noon-Year's" Eve Celebration!

A "Noon-Year's" Eve Celebration!

A "Noon-Year's" Eve Celebration!

It’s time to ring in 2021! Are you ready? We know we are, and we’re also excited to share our suggestions on how to throw a fun, “Noon Year’s Eve” party with your family. This way, everyone gets to celebrate, and the kids can still get to bed on time!

1 \ Choose a party theme – You can stay in your pj’s for this party or dress up in something sparkly. Either way choose a fun theme to ring in the new year!

2 \ Have a fun countdown - Pick a time to countdown from at the party and make sure everyone participates. There are several digital countdowns you can stream or download on your phone or off the internet. 

3 \ Make your own party accessories – Create DIY noise makers and DIY shakers and confetti poppers to crank up your celebration!

4 \ Create a photo wall – Choose a fun background that goes with your theme and have party hats or pull out some old costumes to take fun and festive photos together!

5 \ Don’t forget the finger foods and drinks – Whip up some kid-friendly favorites to munch on. Here are a few we suggest: 

Holiday Roll-ups

Pull Apart Pizza Ring

Chocolate-dipped Fruit Cones

Rainbow Pretzel Wands

Mock Bubbly Drink

Hope you enjoy your party and we can’t wait to #gowanderwild with you in 2021!

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