Commemorating End of the School Year

Commemorating End of the School Year

Commemorating End of the School Year

Well Wanderwild families, we've made it to the end. What a strange, unexpected, challenging, wonderful, confusing, unique time it's been. Like everything else we've celebrated the past two months, we're trying to strike a balance between honoring traditions and adhering to the realities of the current situation. We've collected a few ideas for commemorating the end of the school year. Congrats to you and your kids, you deserve a celebration!

Host An At-Home Ceremony

If you have a child completing a milestone year, this one's for you. Make a graduation cap with construction paper, FaceTime with the grandparents, and cheer as you announce the graduate and let them toss their cap.

Make Your Own Child's Graduation Cap

Create A Customized Yard Flower Sign

Order a flower pinwheel and fill the petals with your child's name and words that describe them. Proudly display in your yard!

Customized Yard Flower Sign

Document School Year Memories

Print our our free End of School Questionnaire help your kid capture memories from their school year! Kids love going back over time and reading their answers from prior years.

Wanderwild End of School Year Questionnaire Free Printable

Gift Them Gear for Summer Adventures and Next School Year

There’s nothing like the feeling of strapping on a new backpack to take on a new grade level. Browse our styles and prints to find the perfect match for your graduate! The excitement of a new backpack will have them eager to take on their next challenge.

Wanderwild Kids Backpacks

Be sure to tag us as you celebrate the end of the school year with your family. We can't wait go #gowanderwild with you.

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