Recreate Field Day At Home

Recreate Field Day At Home

Recreate Field Day At Home

Field Day is one of the most treasured end of school year activities for our kids, and one we don't want to miss. We came up with a few ideas to recreate your own field day at home!

Bean Bag Toss

Start by creating a few targets out of paper plates and toss bean bags to see who can score the most points!

Kids Playing Bean Bag Toss Field Day At Home

Sensory Bucket Walk

See who can get through the sensory buckets. Take a few plastic bins and fill them with things you have around the house, such as shaving cream, cotton balls, water beads, sand, dried beans, colored water, or Jello.

Fill The Bucket

Grab 2 buckets ad a sponge. Put the buckets 4 to 6 feet apart, one partially filled with water. Using the sponge to transport the water, see who can transfer the water to the empty bucket the fastest.

Maze Madness

Create a maze out of yard stakes and string. Send the kids through the maze and see who can find the path out the fastest!

Candy Medals

Create these to hand out at the end of the day! Take a bite-size wrapped candy (such as a Snickers), glue a circle of shiny or printed paper to the back and then loop some ribbon to wear around their neck.

We hope your kids will love competing in their very own Field Day from home! Remember to tag us as you #gowanderwild for a chance to be featured. Have fun!

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