Friday Favorites - Packing Lunches

Friday Favorites - Packing Lunches

Friday Favorites - Packing Lunches

We're back for another edition of Friday Favorites! This week we're talking packing lunches. Here's the thing - our weekdays just go smoother when we pack our lunches as we're getting ready in the mornings. Whether we're going to school that day or remote learning from home, the kids can be more self-sufficient with the schedule for the day if our lunches are packed and ready to go. So we've rounded up our favorite lunchtime items. Add to cart as you're grocery shopping this weekend. We hope this makes lunchbox packing a little easier!

1 \ Garden Kale & Spinach Wraps. We love wraps as an alternative to sandwiches, and these veggie wraps are a great way to slide in some green! We either use cream cheese or mayo plus our favorite sandwich ingredients.

2 \ Kirkland Organic Hummus Singles. These singles are a great incentive to get more veggies in the lunch. Kids love to dip!

3 \ Annie's Bees & Butterflies Fruit Snacks. Who doesn't love fruit snacks? And ones with cute shapes? When we pack them, we swipe one for ourselves!

4 \ Good & Gather Mini String Cheese. We love string cheese, and depending on your packing style these can be helpful to fit in smaller spaces.

5 \ Fuji Apples. Sometimes we overlook the basics. But these Fuji Apples are amazing and go quickly in our houses!

6 \ Harvest Snaps Lightly Salted. Another great take on getting more green in lunches. They are so crunchy and satisfying.

7 \ Twisted Pretzel Sticks. These also work great for dipping in hummus!

8 \ Zee Zees Blueberry Lemon Soft Baked Snack. Yummy and sweet. Our kids love these every time.

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