Friday Favorites - So Long To Summer

Friday Favorites - So Long To Summer

Friday Favorites - So Long To Summer

It's the LAST Friday of summer! It comes with so many mixed feelings. If you know us, you know we love sweet summertime. But we're also excited for all the fun and coziness that fall brings. To everything there is a season, and for that we're always thankful!

We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to say "so long!" to summer. Consistent with it being the year 2020, these are fun family activities close to home.

1 \ Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars. We love these no-sugar added cold treats. After all, it's still hot out!

2 \ Sierra Designs Lightweight Hammock. Our kids love to cuddle up with us in the hammock in the backyard. We read books with flashlights, pile on blankets, and sometimes just chat.

3 \ Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map App. This is a favorite family pastime of ours, especially when we have warm nights but it gets dark earlier. Load this app onto your phone or tablet and explore the night sky. With different views of stars, planets, and constellations, there is so much to learn!

4 \ Fairy Garden Bulb Planting. Speaking of seasons, it's a fun tradition to plant spring bulbs in September. Order now and wait until the ground cools a bit, then plant bulbs with the promise of a beautiful garden in the spring!

5 \ Draw summer memories with an Inspiration Art Case. We love to recap each fun season by asking the kids to draw their favorite memories. Trust us when we say we are always so touched by how the little things are what they remember most. We love this big Crayola coloring kit. It keeps creative time organized!

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