Friday Favorites - Staying Active

Friday Favorites - Staying Active

Friday Favorites - Staying Active

We love it when our kids have had enough fun, and burned enough energy, to peacefully and easily fall asleep at night. The thing about kids is that exercise is all about play, so we make it our goal to equip them with tools to run, laugh, and play all day. For this weeks Friday Favorites, we rounded up our favorites to keep kids on their feet and moving!

1 \ Giant Wubble Bubble Ball. Roll, toss and launch these across a giant field, and see if you can catch up. More fun than you can imagine!

2 \ Stackable Washers Set for the Family. This classic game is un for the whole family! We like that this set stores within itself for easy cleanup. 

3 \ Backpack-Sized Rainbow Tumble Tower. Perfect to take on the go or play in your own backyard. We love this set for hiking breaks, picnic competitions and snack time diversions. For an added challenge, find the perfect rock to balance it on.

4 \ Kickerball by Swerve Sports. An abundance of airtime and the ability to do tricks will keep your kids entertained for hours. Unleash them in the backyard and they might come out with a new favorite ball and some tricks to wow the neighborhood.

5 \ Nightzone, Light up Capture the Flag Set. A throwback to our childhood, we love that our kids still love Capture the Flag. This set adds an extra element of fun after the sun goes down.

6 \ Skylighter Frisbee. You’ll be running for miles, when you pickup this fun take on a frisbee. Our kids think this is fun, day or night!

7 \ Phlat Ball Jr. This one keeps our kids entertained for hours. It’s a ball, it’s a frisbee, it’s fun!

8 \ Critter Barn Habitat with Light. Running through the woods, jumping over logs and dodging puddles, searching for critters of all sorts is sure to provide hours of fun for the little biologists at heart.

9 / Helix Hyper Balls. These tiny toys pack a lot of punch. See how far you can let it rip!

10 \ Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes. Let it fly and then blast off trying to catch it before it lands! A new twist on an old favorite, these stunt planes will surprise you with their twists and turns.

11 \ Prism Pocket Flyer Kites. We love hooking this on our backpacks for fun on the go, when the wind picks up and the mood strikes.

12 \ Flybar, Pogo Sticks. We love challenging each other to see how many bounces we can go without falling. Game on!

13 \ B4 Adventure Intro Slackline and Ninja Kit. Unleash your inner ninja and harness core strength, balance and a whole lot of fun in the process.

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