Give A Personalized Gift This Year

Give A Personalized Gift This Year

Give A Personalized Gift This Year

There is always something special about receiving a gift that’s personalized just for you! Wanderwild backpacks and lunchboxes are specifically designed to personalize with over two hundred style and color combinations to choose from.

It’s a unique gift – We are all unique in our own way and personalization can be too! Play with colors and fonts and create a pack with your child’s name, initials, favorite number, word or saying on it and make the gift uniquely theirs.

It’s a gift of ownership – When you receive a gift that’s personalized just for you, there is a sense of ownership and pride. Children beam with joy when they see their own name on a personal item such as a backpack or lunchbox!

It keeps everyone organized – Organization can be a struggle for families as each kid has their own items to keep track of. Personalizing our packs makes it easy to know who the owner is especially if they all want the same print.

It’s memorable – Kids will eventually grow out of their things one day but if it’s personalized, they are more likely to hang onto them or pass them down as a memento. Our packs are created for experiences and hopefully will spark great memories of adventures for them one day!

Ready to see all of our personalization options? Shop our website, click on a backpack or lunchbox, then select "Personalize It" to preview dozens of options. We're so excited to #gowanderwild with you!

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