Giving The Gift of Experiences

Giving The Gift of Experiences

Giving The Gift of Experiences

We love encouraging families to get out and experience new things. Giving the gift of experiences is one we always recommend, and pairing it with Wanderwild gear makes it even more special!

Here are some of our favorite ideas this holiday season:

1 \ Buy an annual pass – Whether it’s to your local zoo, the museum or waterpark, an annual pass to your favorite place is a great holiday gift.

2 \ Book a hotel stay – What’s better than a family slumber party away from home? Book a hotel stay downtown or at a resort and take advantage of the many amenities they have to offer.  

3 \ Take a train ride – If there is a local scenic train route in your area book a seat and go on a railroad adventure.  

4 \ Plan an outdoor winter activity – Plan a fun, family outdoor activity such as hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, or sledding. Even in warm weather places you can often find seasonal snow tubing or ice skating!   

5 \ Gift a cooking class or order a DIY meal - Find a local or virtual cooking class for kids or order a DIY meal that can be delivered to your door.  

6 \ Have a painting party – Book a night at a local DIY paint studio or do a virtual class from home. Hang your works of art on the wall and make it a yearly tradition.

Whatever you choose for your family adventure, we can't wait go #gowanderwild with you.

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