Blending Holiday Traditions

Blending Holiday Traditions

Blending Holiday Traditions

We love learning how families get creative to bring joy and happiness to their households! We recently connected with one of our Wanderwild families, the Poels, who blend both Christmas and Hanukkah traditions in their home. They’re sharing with us some wonderful ways to celebrate the two holidays together:

1 \ Dedicate sections of your home – If you celebrate both holidays, dedicate sections of the home to putting up the menorah for Hanukkah and displaying a nativity or north pole set for Christmas. That way each section can be on display and enjoyed.

2 \ Have more than one tree – If you’ve already set up a Christmas tree with decorations, try setting up a second tree! We call it our “Hanukkah Bush.” We have a white tree with blue lights wrapped around it that gifts can go under during Hanukkah week.

3 \ Read a surprise story each night – Have books with stories about both traditions. The kids can choose one from the pile each night during Hanukkah and Christmas.

4 \ Make a blended festive wreath – Get out your glue gun and combine décor and colors from each holiday to create a one-of-a-kind wreath to hang on your door.

5 \ Remember the food! – Set the table themed with décor and cook/bake your favorites foods and desserts from each holiday that you can all enjoy!

6 \ Play an activity combining both holidays – Spin the dreidel but give out candy canes as prizes.

Thank you, Poel family! We love how you honor both of your traditions.

Hope you have a wonderful, festive holiday season! Happy Hanukkah! We can’t wait to #gowanderwild with you.

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