Introducing.... Flutter Floral!

Introducing.... Flutter Floral!

Introducing.... Flutter Floral!

We have been counting down the minutes to share our new collection with our Wanderwild families! This year we're going under the sea with Mermaid Splash 🧜🏽‍♀️  and Shark Tide🦈, and we're taking flight with Blast Off 🚀 and Flutter Floral 🦋

Today we're ready to show you why we're smitten with the Flutter Floral, a butterfly print designed for the nature-loving kid 🦋 🌸 🌿

1 / Inspiration


Being the nature lovers we are, we've always had our eyes out for a butterfly and floral pattern. But the search was lengthy. It took us years to find one we loved!

Butterflies are just so special. We love watching these creatures flutter freely through the air. We also love the idea that they transform as they grow; a beautiful metaphor for childhood and parenthood.        

2 / Colors


Once Flutter Floral was born, we knew we had our hearts set on aquas, pinks and greens. The pattern has so many small details. We spent hours upon hours in Illustrator swapping around colors in each and every flower petal and butterfly wing until it was just right 😍               

3 / Product


There are two messages we get regularly from Wanderwild families that fill us with gratitude: That parents love how we support and encourage families to get out and make memories, and second, that our backpacks look practically new at the end of the school year. When we ventured into creating products for kids we KNEW that quality had to be at the top of our list (and thankfully we have a gaggle of kids to test them on!) We're so proud that our latest products continue our high standards for quality, PLUS are made of recycled 600-D poly. It's really the best of both worlds 💗  🌎  💙

We hope you love our Flutter Floral as much as we do! 🦋  Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement.

- Katie + Kelly 

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