Introducing.... Shark Tide!

Introducing.... Shark Tide!

Introducing.... Shark Tide!

We have been counting down the minutes to share our new collection with our Wanderwild families! This year we're going under the sea with Mermaid Splash 🧜🏽‍♀️  and Shark Tide🦈, and we're taking flight with Blast Off 🚀 and Flutter Floral 🦋

Today we’re showing you our Shark Tide print and how we designed it for the kid ready to take a bite out of each day! 🦈,

1 / Inspiration

Kid standing in front of aquarium tank looking at sharks wearing Wanderwild The Explorer "Shark Tide" kids backpack
We may live in Colorado, but our families have a deep love of the ocean. Combined with a trip to the aquarium and marveling at the shark tank, our kids were adamant we put a shark print on the list of sample patterns.
2 / Colors
Oh these colors! We first started this pattern with shades of blue (for sharks and water), and then our kids insisted on pops of orange, and WOW! We were all so excited when we got the samples. It's such a fun blend of water and tropical sunset sky colors and we couldn't love it more.
3 / Product

We’ve paired this new pattern with our popular “The Explorer” backpack and “Out To Lunch” lunchbox. So many families tell us they love The Explorer's big front pocket that includes an interior zipped pocket, a clip for securing important passes, and velcro flap to keep everything in place. 

Not only are we so excited for Shark Tide to be in the wild, but our kids are SO excited for your kids to love this design! Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement.

- Katie + Kelly 

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