Introducing... Mermaid Splash!

Introducing... Mermaid Splash!

Introducing... Mermaid Splash!

We have been counting down the minutes to share our new collection with our Wanderwild families! This year we're going under the sea with Mermaid Splash 🧜🏽‍♀️  and Shark Tide🦈, and we're taking flight with Blast Off 🚀 and Flutter Floral 🦋

Over the next few days we’re going to tell you more about our latest prints and products. Today we’re showing you our Mermaid Splash print and a closer look at what makes it perfect for the creative kid ready to make a big splash!

1 / Inspiration

Girl wearing Wanderwild The Explorer Kids Backpack in Mermaid Splash

"Let's be mermaids!" We both have memories of being little girls and exclaiming this phrase to our friends and cousins while swimming. We've never lost our love of these magical creatures and their realms under the sea 🧜‍♀️ 🦀 🐠 🐳 🌊 

2 / Colors

Girl rock climbing with Wanderwild The Explorer Kids Backpack in Mermaid Splash

This collection was a big step for us to branch out into new pallet ranges. Mermaid Splash is anchored in grapey purples with accepts of pinks and aquas. And the mermaids are a range of colors, so every kid can see a glimpse of themselves 💗

3 / Product

Wanderwild The Explorer Mermaid Splash Kids Backpack and Wanderwild Out To Lunch Mermaid Splash Kids Lunchbox sitting next to swimming pool

We’ve paired this new pattern with our popular “The Explorer” backpack and “Out To Lunch” lunchbox. We designed and tested every inch of these products with our kids to be sure that it had all the right pockets, pouches, and sleeves for your kids' things. This pack and lunchbox fits all our favorite waterbottles, our favorite food containers, give a padded space for our tablet, and places to tuck little treasures securely 💜 

We can’t wait to see Mermaid Splash make a big splash with your kids! Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement.

- Katie + Kelly

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