Introducing.... Blast Off!

Introducing.... Blast Off!

Introducing.... Blast Off!

We have been counting down the minutes to share our new collection with our Wanderwild families! This year we're going under the sea with Mermaid Splash 🧜🏽‍♀️  and Shark Tide🦈, and we're taking flight with Blast Off 🚀 and Flutter Floral 🦋

Over the next few days we’re going to tell you more about our latest prints and products. Today we’re showing you our Blast Off print and a closer look at what makes it perfect for the courageous kid ready for exploration!

1 /  Inspiration

Child Holding Out To Lunch Blast Off lunchbox in color blue with rocket ship pattern while standing on playground

Our kids LOVE space, and with the new NASA and SpaceX explorations over the past few years we’ve loved watching each launch. We dug through tons of space ideas until we settled on a fun print that celebrates the excitement of rockets 🚀, the playfulness of spaceships 🛰  and the awe of galaxies 🪐 💫

2 / Colors


Anchored in our classic Wanderwild navy blue, this pattern has shades of light blue, fiery red, bright white. Selected by our kids, it reflects the vastness of outer space with the excitement of flames and boosters.

3 / Product


We’ve paired this new pattern with our popular “The Explorer” backpack and “Out To Lunch” lunchbox. We designed and tested every inch of these products with our kids to be sure that it fit “Friday Folders”, tablets, jackets, headphones, books, you name it. The backpack straps and back panel are extra padded and designed to carry with comfort. And the clips on our lunchboxes were selected from dozens of options we had because they were the easiest for our kids’ little fingers to manage 💙

We can’t wait to see Blast Off in the wild! Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement.

- Katie + Kelly

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