Why we love our 'Out To Lunch' lunchboxes

Why we love our 'Out To Lunch' lunchboxes

Why we love our 'Out To Lunch' lunchboxes

It's no secret that we designed our backpacks and lunchboxes with details and features based on our own experiences as moms. Every pocket, clip, and zipper was chosen because they work great for our kids (and we even tested all of them on our own kids' little fingers!).

The past two weeks we've seen lots and lots of personalized lunchboxes leave our warehouse, so we though we'd tell you why we love them so much (and we know you will too)!

1 / Meals on the go. 

When we reached a phase where we were out the door for activities most days after school, we quickly realized we needed to have a plan for dinner that didn't always involve fast food, no food, or 8 pm dinners. Our solution is to pack up a pasta salad, leftovers, or easy sandwiches and take them with us. Sometimes each kid eats between their practices, sometimes we stop en route between locations and picnic as a family. But packing dinner allows us to keep healthy, affordable dinner options in our plan.

2 / Snacks. Always snacks.

This might as well be our unofficial motto 😁  It's a parenting truth that when you set out for the day, everyone is happier if they have access to easy, healthy snacks. When we're headed to the zoo, out to hike, or for a day of skiing, we load up our Out To Lunch with snacks to keep us fueled.

PS - The Go Happy Kids tray isn't included with the lunchbox, but you can find it here.

3 / Stay hydrated.

If you've been to Colorado, you know why we're so big on keeping a water bottle on us (it's dry here!). We designed Out To Lunch with an outer mesh pocket to help hold the water bottle with the lunchbox when it's full. But sometimes we also pack the inside with cold water and use an ice pack to keep it nice and refreshing.

4 / It's the little things. 

Okay so we know this is a little out of the ordinary, but we totally do this! Sometimes our kids are on the go and they want to bring a snack, water bottle, and small toys or things to build with. Out To Lunch is the perfect size for this! The water bottle goes in the outer mesh pocket, the snack in the outer or inner pocket, and #allthethings in the main part. We love it.

5 / Back to school.

We created Out To Lunch to be the perfect companion for our backpacks. The lunchboxes fit into the main compartment of the backpack or clip easily to the outer D-rings. The clips were chosen specifically because they are easy for little fingers to clip and unclip.

Be sure to tag us as you're out and about with Out To Lunch! We can't wait to #gowanderwild with you

- Katie + Kelly

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