12 Days of Christmas: Boys 7-12

12 Days of Christmas: Boys 7-12

12 Days of Christmas: Boys 7-12

We're so excited to share our 12 Days of Gifting! Over the years we've loved seeing Wanderwild families use our backpacks as the "wrapping" for themed gifts. This year we've created 12 Wanderwild Gift Guides that are sure to bring smiles to kids' faces. We grouped this guide for Boy 7-12, but we know many girls would love these too!

1 \ Out To Lunch Sky Lunchbox. Our lunchbox made by moms, tested by our kids. Made to hook right onto our Wanderwild backpacks!

2 \ The Adventurer Cool Circuit BackpackA cool blue-on-blue print for a techie enthusiast.

3 \ The Wanderer Green Stripe BackpackA classic green stripe for a classic kid.

4 \ National Geographic Brain Games. This book is so fun, just prepare for your kids to start quizzing you with their new knowledge!

5 \ Drone with Camera For Kids. A fun option for kids that dream of taking flight.

6 \ Beginner Skateboard. We think it's so cool that kids are into skateboarding again. Just remember that helmet and pads are a must!

7 \ Keva Planks. They look so simple, and yet you would not believe the creativity these blocks unleash! They are so fun our whole family gets in on building.

8 \ Dribble Up. Have you seen these?! Smart balls that help teach your kids skills and techniques. Makes us want to get back to playing too!

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