12 Days of Gifting: Girls 7-12

12 Days of Gifting: Girls 7-12

12 Days of Gifting: Girls 7-12

We're so excited to share our 12 Days of Gifting! Over the years we've loved seeing Wanderwild families use our backpacks as the "wrapping" for themed gifts. This year we've created 12 Wanderwild Gift Guides that are sure to bring smiles to kids' faces.

1 \ Out To Lunch Melon LunchboxOur lunchbox made by moms, tested by our kids. Made to hook right onto our Wanderwild backpacks!

2 \ The Adventurer - In Bloom Backpack. A beautiful blush print for a dreamer who is blooming.

3 \ The Explorer - Wild Flower Backpack. A pack for the child with budding potential and a wild spirit.

4 \ I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful Coloring Book. Because we can all use this kind of encouragement while we get creative. 

5 \ Kids Karaoke Microphone. Kids will love to pretend they are a star singing their favorite songs!

6 \ Balm Standard Lip Balm. This company makes organic lip balm sets that are the cutest. 

7 \ Be Kind Tee. We love the message, the style, and the mission.

8 \ Essie Nail Polish. For kids that want to add a little art to their nails, this Essie collection has fun colors like Blue Moon.


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