12 Days of Gifting: Boys 4-6

12 Days of Gifting: Boys 4-6

12 Days of Gifting: Boys 4-6

We're so excited to share our 12 Days of Gifting! Over the years we've loved seeing Wanderwild families use our backpacks as the "wrapping" for themed gifts. This year we've created 12 Wanderwild Gift Guides that are sure to bring smiles to kids' faces. We grouped this guide for Boy 4-6, but we know many girls would love these too!

1 \ The Explorer - Aviator Camo Backpack. Made for both the day-to-day and special adventure days.

2 \ The Wanderer Green Stripe BackpackA classic green stripe for a classic kid.

3 \ The Explorer - Dino Dig Backpack. A fun pattern with dino bones in orange, green and blue. 

4 \ Techno Gears Dizzy Droid. Notice how many building toys we love? That's because our kids play with them over and over! This one has gears and creates a robot.

5 \ Antsy Pants Comet Ball. We have a deep love of Antsy Pants products because they get our kids up and actively playing. This game is fun because kids can play it with others.

6 \ Rocket Stomp. This falls into the category of toys that even adults love to play with. See who can launch the highest!

7 \ GeoSafari Binoculars. Get kids into the exploring spirit with this cute, durable set.

8 \ Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle. This brand of water bottle is one of our favorites, and we can say confidently it fits nicely in our side mesh pockets!


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